Canadian Hospital had Ransomware Flushot. Do you have yours?

Ransomware Keyboard Lock Icon“A Canadian Hospital in Ottawa as confirmed that its network of 9,800 devices was hit with ransomware last week which encrypted the information on those machines making it unaccessible to hospital administrators.”

Thankfully this hospital had the correct safeguards in place to protect patient data and be able to fully address the virus by wiping the network and restoring from backup.  I like to call this their “flu shot”, they anticipated and protected themselves and put their plan into place!

This is the second recent story about a hospital getting infected with Ransomware, the last one (Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre in LA) wasn’t as prepared and ended up paying nearly $20,000 ransom to get access to its data, as well as having a lot of negative PR.

Is your network properly backed up so you could do the same?

With ransomware, cleaning the infection from the computers and servers essentially means wiping the computer or server and reloading it again from a good backup.  This means that your backups need to be bulletproof so you can walk away without any data loss.

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Ransomware is one of the biggest security threats of 2015 and 2016 to date.  Cybercrimminals are moving in droves to create new malicious programs and according to a McAfee researcher there were more than four million samples of Ransomware in the last year.

Do you know how to stop viruses in the first place?

Most dangerous viruses recently transmit over e-mail, often referring you to a website or some content related to your business, or a fake invoice as an attachment.

When the user opens the attachment or website the ransomware starts to encrypt the data on your computer and then posts a message to pay a ransom to re-access your data.

Generally, they ask you to pay this ransom in BitCoin, which once sent is untraceable.  There is no guarantee the criminal will actually unlock your files after you send the money, so your best case scenario is always ensure that your backups are working perfectly so they will protect you in the event of an infection.

We will help you secure your workstations, pre-filter your e-mail and ensure you have a monitored antivirus and monitored backup system in place and running all the time.

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