Do you Centrally Monitor Your Antivirus?

Antivirus Monitoring SystemHaving an antivirus software loaded on every computer is a given, it’s common knowledge, but do you trust your employees to accurately report virus activity or know what to do when a virus notification or event happens?

People get scared and try to hide the fact a virus or malware has touched their computer.  Were they surfing non-work websites?  Were they using unapproved software?  What if they lost their job because they inadvertently infected the corporate network?

All of these concerns and worries flash through the employee mind when something happens and while most people are honest and hard-working, this delay due to worry and concern could allow the virus to gain a further foothold on your network.

Automate to mitigate

Automating the reporting and response process for your antivirus is one key to effectively mitigating the virus outbreak.

Many antivirus programs come with a centralized server which communicates directly with each workstation antivirus program in order to report its status.

These reports often include:

  • Current state of workstation (clean or not)
  • Date of the Virus Definitions (how up to date is your software)
  • Days since last Quick Scan or Full Scan
  • If the antivirus engine is due for an update


The Good and the Bad of Antivirus Monitoring

Using a built-in centralized monitoring system is a good idea, but the main problem is the antivirus information is stored on a local server inside your business.  Often this requires someone to manually check it, or it may generate e-mails with some status information, but it tends to be automated with a reactionary approach to management.

Another issue often faced is that if you have a mobile workforce, the notifications often do not get synchronized back to the central server until the computer is physically back in the office – which means a virus could be running rampant on a laptop and you wouldn’t know it.

The good news we can provide an antivirus software that has the best from both worlds, a proactive approach to management with full automation and no necessity to run a antivirus monitoring server internally.

The Best Proactive Antivirus Monitoring System

Our antivirus software is directly built in to our Remote Management Suite, this means the moment any workstation see a virus or phishing website the program first attempts to mitigate the issue automatically, but it also e-mails our data centre to notify our team of technicians directly.

This allows us to instantly investigate the issue and intercede as necessary to ensure the rest of your network is protected!

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