GoldCorp in Major Databreach (Vancouver)

goldcorp Vancouver databreach

Vancouver based GoldCorp Inc. has had a MAJOR data breach according to the DailyDot Website.  GoldCorp Inc has CONFIRMED the databreach.

The information first came to light on  Where hackers reached out to report the breach.

A SAMPLE of the data was released by hackers, which was over 14GB in size alone, so the scope of this hack could be major.

The dailydot website says the sample data contains:

  • Correspondence to some employees about performance,
  • compensation rates,
  • proprietary information,
  • banking details and
  • 2016 budget information


“According to the hackers, the information in the current data dump includes, but is no limited to:

  • T4’s, W2’s, other payroll information
  • Contract agreements with other companies
  • Bank accounts, wire transfers, marketable securities
  • Budget documents from 2012 – 2016
  • Employee network information, logins/passwords
  • International contact list
  • IT Procedures, Disaster Recover, VMWare recovery procedures
  • Employee passport scans.
  • Progress reports
  • SAP Data
  • Treasury reports


[S]everal more data dumps are being prepared, the hackers wrote in the paste. [T]he next dump will include 14 months of company wide emails, emails containing some good old fashion corporate racism, sexism, and greed.

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