Hackers almost steal 1 billion from the Fed-but… your safe …right?

hacking the bankThe Bangladesh Central Bank nearly lost $1 billion US dollars due to hackers. The hackers managed to breach Bangladesh Bank’s computer networks and initiate transfers worth nearly $1 billion dollars directly from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!

Hackers bombarded the Federal Reserve Bank with 3 dozen transfer requests, $80 million of which were processed!

What stopped the hackers? A Simple typo in the name of one of the wire transfers!

What have you done to protect yourself? What if it was your money?

It is a falsehood to believe that you can 100% stop hackers, especially large nation-state sponsored attacks and large criminal enterprises, but by implementing simple due diligence and reviewing your current protection regularly, you can at least mitigate the risk dramatically.

I’m too small to be targeted! Or am I?

You may not be directly targeted, but most modern hacks come from spam, fraudulent e-mails and infected websites and programs. While a billion dollar hack might be the holy grail for hackers, they are equally content to extort or steal $10,000 or $100,000 from you.

Email us right now and we can put in a simple but effective plan in to place that will help to monitor and protect your network within a week. It will mitigate the vast majority of your attack surface and give you piece of mind that you are protected.

Our systems automatically update your antivirus, notify our data centre of infections, routine software maintenance and over-all monitoring that will help to identify potential issues. Couple that with our exceptional backup system and you can sleep soundly knowing that you are not only protected, but you have us watching your back.

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Source Article – CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/bangladesh-bank-typo-hack-new-york-fed-1.3485125