Your ISP can Spy on You

Buy VPNHow much personal information do you put on the Internet?

How would you feel about your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knowing everything that you do on the Internet?

Your ISP probably has logs of every single thing you have accessed on the internet, from websites visited to music and movies you may have watched.

While this all seems very innocent, are you comfortable with them knowing who you do business with, websites you order from or the private multi-media you may access?

Can you surf the web anonymously?

You can absolutely surf the web anonymously!  The most common method is by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

A VPN in its most simple explanation encrypts all information between your computer and the VPN server you are connected to.  When you request a website, the VPN server gets your request and then relays it to your computer securely (encrypted).  This means information between you and the VPN server cannot be read by other people, such as your ISP.

Because the VPN server is what requests information from the Internet, it is your “public facing” IP address — so any downloading appears to be have done by someone other than your personal ISP and connection.

Why should I use an Anonymous VPN?

Many people are simply concerned about their general privacy, big companies scooping up public and private information about you in order to target you for advertising.  Some people get concerned of the “big brother” situation that all their information is being watched or reviewed by the authorities, and with so many recent revelations around National Security issues it seems like a legitimate concern.

An Anonymous VPN software just makes sense to protect your privacy.  You can view any website and products you want without them being linked to you in real life (of course you still need to be cautious about giving your real name, credit card or personally identifiable details).

Anonymous VPN’s also allow you to pick from many different locations around the globe.  This allows you to view a website or advertisement as if you were physically located in a different place.  This can be extremely handy for both Market Research as well as testing Advertisings you many be running.

We strongly recommend an Anonymous VPN be used for your home web surfing as well as installed on your mobile devices.  Encrypting your connection with a VPN on your phone will stop the mobile phone company from tracking your website usages as well.

Our company recommends “Private Internet Access” or “PIA” as it’s primary public VPN.  Their servers are fast to facilitate video or music streaming as well as peer-to-peer file sharing sites like BitTorrent.  PIA has a strong public record of protecting its users privacy and is considered one of the top tier Anonymous VPN Services at the time of writing this article.