PIA VPN Setup Instructions (Windows)

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PIA (or Private Internet Access) is by far the best VPN Provider today.

Their servers are fast, their prices are great, and their dedication to the privacy of their clients is first class.

We have created a very easy to use setup document to explain the whole process of installing and using the application on a Windows computer, once you have signed up.



1. Download the client from:


2. Run the installer and let it install (You wont receive any prompts or options besides the Allow prompt in Windows

3. When complete, it will prompt for the username and password. Enter the info and click Save.

(After you sign-up for the VPN the information will be e-mailed to you, and available if you login to the website)

VPN Setup Login









4. Right-click on the red icon in the notification area (You may have to click on a white-arrow to unhide it first) and choose a VPN server to connect to. When connected, the icon will turn green.

VPN Connect to Server







5. Check back on PIAs homepage  and look at the message on the top of the screen. If it says You are protected by PIA then you confirmed to be connected properly.
VPN Confirmation