Protect Yourself while on Hotspots with VPN

Evil Hacker ImageIf you frequently travel and use Wireless Hotspots in Cafes, Airports and Hotels, then you should really consider protecting your computer by using a quality VPN program to protect your data.

Stay Safe on Public Hotspots

If you are reading this page, then you probably already have concerns about using public hotspot internet.

Honestly, you should have concerns!  Many people will walk into any business, hotel or cafe and simply connect to whatever is unlocked.  You literally have no idea who operates it, if it is legitimate or if it was created purely by a criminal in order to skim your data.

The easiest way to protect yourself is to install a very simple VPN software on your computer.  They cost a few bucks a month, cheaper if you buy longer subscriptions.

I’m a big fan of Private Internet Access or “PIA” because the program is extremely easy to use, where as some other ones are a little more tricky to install or are less user friendly.  I’ve used the top five vpn programs out there and PIA is the only one that has consistently fast servers, which is important to me when I’m watching sports and TV programs.

How does a VPN protect me on a Hotspot?

If you aren’t familiar with VPN’s, they basically create a secure link between you and the VPN Server, all the data from your computer to that VPN is completely encrypted.  When you click on something or access a site, the VPN server fetches the information you want and then secures it and relays it directly to your computer.

The actual process is complex in order to ensure you are secure, but the programs make it simple and easy to setup and use.  It’s probably the cheapest way to secure your data while you are on the go. The other benefit of course is you can run it on your mobile phones, tablets and computers – so you can really protect all of your information, no matter what device you are using at the time.