KDTS ServicesHow can we help you?

Our company specializes in data protection and efficiency systems. We deliver top notch service that ensures the overall health of your business network, keeping your computer network operational and efficient and most importantly protecting your company’s data.

Protecting your data and making sure your systems are working is what we do.

Spectacular IT Service

Computer systems are the backbone of most businesses today. You cannot afford to have downtime and data loss. We have a multi-tiered IT Services plan than can help you no matter how big or small. … more details

Canadian Hosted Servers and Desktops

Are you looking for the flexibility and security that comes with cloud or virtual servers? Hosted Desktops for the home and small business, Virtual Servers for the small and medium business.  Email Solutions for businesses of all types. We can provide you with exactly what you need and can do it on all Canadian Servers if needed. … more details

Data Protection Specialists

How sure are you that your current backup solution will work when you really need it? We specialize in building and implementing backup solutions that will work. Monitored and pro-actively managed, you will sleep well knowing that your data is safe and secure. … more details …