Google Apps for Email

Gmail E-mail LogoAre you already familiar with Google’s Gmail?

Learning a new e-mail system can be difficult and frustrating.

With the popularity of Google’s Gmail service, most people are already familiar with how to use the Web Based E-mail service.  This allows you to quickly get staff up to speed, so you can focus on your business.

Most of your staff have used Gmail before, so why not use it for your Corporate e-mail server?

What is Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work is Googles web based office suite.  It’s biggest draw for users is using the “Gmail Web Interface” but with your own corporate domain name (ex:

While Gmail style webmail is the strongest draw for most users, Google Apps for Work offers so much more.

Google Apps for Work Features

  • Gmail (Webmail Solution)
  • Hangouts (Internal Chat)
  • Calendar
  • Drive (Data Storage)
  • Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides (Web Based Office Suite)
  • Sites (Create an internal corporate web server, wiki, or “SharePoint style” system)
  • Vault (Long term archiving)
  • Web or Microsoft Outlook for Email and Calendaring
  • Mobile Device Management (Remote Wipe and Lockout Mobile Devices that access your Google Apps)

Are you a registered charity or non-profit organization?

Google generously provides “Google Apps for Non-Profits” for FREE.  You can apply on their website

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