Spam Filtering Gateway

Email Spam Filtering ServicesStolen identity? Computer Virus? Scared to open your e-mail?

One of the most frustrating things about e-mail is spam.  But spam isn’t just terrible advertising now, it’s also fraud, scams and viruses.

The most common way a virus enters your business is by e-mail.  Filtering and Pre-Scanning your e-mail before it ever enters your computer is the key protecting your business from malicious viruses and scams.

We make it simple.  We make it safe.  We make it just work!

  • Removes standard spam from your inbox
  • Removes viruses and fraudulent scam e-mails from your inbox
  • Scans outbound e-mail (protect your customers in the event you did get virus)
  • Blocks dangerous file types from entering your network
  • Reduces bandwidth usage on your internet connection by only passing “good traffic”
  • Email queuing and archiving (if your e-mail server is down, this queues the messages until your service is restored)
  • Compliments your disaster recovery plan

Protect your e-mail now.  

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