Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Cloud HostingWhy do you need a virtual server today?

Are you frustrated with your aging internal servers?

Are you worried about data loss and your current backup solutions?

Do you wish you could easily remote access your servers securely?


Your current servers are old and slow

Renting a virtual server is the best way to migrate away from your own internally hosted servers.

You save money by outsourcing the hardware hosting so you no longer need to pay huge up-front costs.

Are you sure your data is secure and protected?

When you host your servers with us, we host your server in one of our two state-of-the-art data centres located in either Canada or America.  With redundant Internet, Power and Server Hardware you will ensure maximum up-time for your business.

Protecting your data is what we do.  Full server snapshots that can be restored quickly, and supplementary file backups ensure your data is protected and secure.  We can increase the retention time of your backups to suite your business needs, from 1 month to years, the choice is yours.

In addition to all the benefits associated with keeping your server in a data centre, we also protect your information with fully managed antivirus, patching and monitoring!

Do you need to access your data easily and from anywhere?

Secure servers that can easily be accessed with our client security software (VPN) will help you work from anywhere.  The coffee shop down the street, the golf course in Palm Springs, or your Hawaiian get away.

Our virtual servers will make it easier for you to work efficiently and securely.

Small Quickbooks or Simply servers, or large enterprise deployments, we can build the virtual server you need to suite your business.

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