Small Business Fails – Not Backing Up Data

Small Business Backup Data
Small Business Data Backup

Small Business Fails – Not Backing up Data

One of the problems run into by small businesses is not backing up their data appropriately, leading to data loss or potentially business failure. Many smaller businesses, especially those with under 10 computers tend to be less cautious about data backups and the importance of them.

When do Small Businesses Get Serious about Data Backup?

Normally we see a change in mindset when one of two things as happened:

1 – There has been data loss that causes them financial or reputational grief.

2 – The small business has purchased their first “server” and need to hire an IT Solution provider to install and configure it.

Backing up Desktops and Laptops

Small businesses and home businesses tend to work off a couple desktops and a couple laptops on average. They often keeping all their data on one central computer. Because it is a generic workstation, people tend to be very lax on ensuring the data is safe and secure.

Many people think that Dropbox or Google Drive is more than sufficient for backing up their files, until something happens and they realize that data in the My Documents, Desktop, and other important areas are now missing.

If your business does have server, it is best to store your information on it, and have it setup with a quality backup system.

If your business is smaller, no server, or laptops that are easily stolen or broken – then you need to seriously evaluate how you protect the data on those computers. One common way is using a desktop based backup software. But we strongly recommend that an IT Professional evaluate your particular circumstances before making a buying decision.

Backing up Servers

Over the years we have seen so many improvements in backup technologies. I think everyone would agree tapes were in a pain the butt, then we all moved on to USB drives, which were certainly faster and more flexible, but still manually swapping them was annoying to say the least.

Most people backup their systems using a specialized program or backup device.

I strongly believe in ensuring your data is backed up both locally and off-site (normally via a cloud service of some sort). This is very important, because off-site backups protect you from Fire, Flood, Theft and other issues related to the physical location of your information.

In the past this could have been difficult to accomplish, but backup systems like Datto and Acronis have come leaps and bounds from where backup systems used to be.

In addition to backup up your data, buying a quality server is also important as the underlying hardware that runs it can protect you from a lot of issues (before they become problems). Watch our site soon for a new article on hardware information as a factor in backup and redundancy.