Small Business Fails – Not Protecting Phones

Smart Phones Small BusinessSmart phones are getting more and more integrated in to our businesses and personal lives.

We do our banking, paying at Starbucks, managing our personal and work e-mails and calendars, access to our websites and social media.

Yet so few businesses invest in protecting a device that is easily lost, stolen and is essentially a key to access your small business network.

Do you need to Protect Your Smart Phones?

Protecting and managing your phones is often referred to as “MDM” or “Mobile Device Management”, it probably doesn’t get nearly enough exposure, given that mobiles phones often having a surprising amount of access to your small business network.

How many people have lost of phone while away for the weekend, or a few too many pints at the pub?

If you are lucky, a good person will find your phone and try to return it. But in most cases, the phone will be lost forever, and who knows who will find it!

Do you have work information on your phone?

Is it linked to your small business e-mail system?

MDM will help ensure that phones that have access to your small business network can be remotely wiped when lost, strict password policies (so people can’t just use 1234 etc) and some allow for the encrypting of any removable SDCards.

MDM software for small businesses generally costs between $5-10/phone/month, but it can give you a lot of peace of mind, especially if you deal with sensitive information such as financial records, medical records or other similar types of information.