Speed up DSL Business Internet

DSL Bonded SkywayDepending on where your business is located in the Lower Mainland you may have run into the problem where Telus or Shaw simply cannot provide you with Internet Services or they have limited speeds available to you.

It’s fairly common that Telus has the ability to provide you with internet, but you may only be able to attain 6-8Mbps of download (to you) speed and 1 Mbps upload (from you) speed.

Increase DSL Internet Speed in Vancouver

and Lower Mainland

Of course the first option most people do is see if Shaw services are available. This is a simple way to bypass the Telus speed limitations.

But in many areas that do have Telus speed limitations, you may find that Shaw services are unavailable. This happens frequently in low density or older industrial areas.

If Shaw is unavailable and Telus can offer a maximum service speed of 6-8Mbps then I recommend looking at a Bonded Internet Service provided by Skyway West, we have a great partnership with them and can present you with bonding and failover services that are top notch.

What is bonded Internet by Skyway West?

Bonded Internet is a term that essentially means combining multiple internet connections to provide you with one much faster one.

A common scenario is Telus can only provide a 6 (download)/1 (upload) Mbps connection to your business premises. That is really slow, as most small businesses have 25/3 or 50/5 connections.

However in circumstances where you simply cannot get faster from Telus, you can sign-up for bonded services with Skyway West which essentially multiples the connection speed.

  • 1 Connection = 6 Download / 1 Upload
  • 2 Connections = 12 Download / 2 Upload
  • 3 Connections = 18 Download / 3 Upload
  • 4 Connections = 24 Download / 4 Upload


Having multiple connections certain does increase the cost factor, but if the business can not operate efficiently on a Telus DSL, then this is a good alternative solution, until such time as the infrastructure is improved in your geographic area.

Out of Interest, this doesn’t have to only happen in low bandwidth areas. Even if you can get Telus’s 25/5 connection, you can bonded them to get 50/10 or 75/15 or more!

What is the cost of Bonded Internet by Skyway West?

The cost is roughly the same as the cost of each individual internet connection, around $80-90/ea. So if you have 2, you’re looking around $180/mo etc.

How does the Setup Process work for Bonded Internet?

Skyway West (like every other DSL Provider) uses Telus’s “last mile” copper. So the last connection into your building is still provided by Telus (but you won’t directly deal with Telus for anything).

Skyway will have Telus come in and provision the lines for you, then an installer will come set up the modems inside your building. After the installer has done his setup, then he hands it off to your IT Services provider, who will connect your Router and Network to the new internet services.

Any technical issues are directly managed by Skyway West.

Now you may be thinking, “I’ve had Telus issues in the past, isn’t this just renaming the problem?”

Good question, but Telus only provides that final link in to your building, once it gets to the street and to the closest network connection it is handled on a different network than Telus, which is fully managed by Skyway West.

How can I add fail-over to my Bonded Skyway West Internet?

In areas where Cable service is available, you can add a backup cable connection to your DSL. So it won’t be bonded with your DSL, it will automatically fail-over after the DSL fails for 1 minute.

The great thing is, the way the network is designed – when the failover happens, it is virtually seamless, including your IP addresses (which can be a factor if you have dedicated connections to other offices or host servers in-house.