Trump Hotel Credit Card Breach 2

Trump Hotel Las VegasSecurity News Reporter Brian Krebs is reporting today that the Trump Hotel Collection may have been breached a second time within one year.

The Trump Hotel Collection is a group of 12 hotels owned by Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

According to Krebs, the Banking industry insiders have “noticed a pattern of fraud on customer credit cards which suggests that hackers have breached credit card systems at some – if not all – of the Trump Hotel Collection properties.”

Trump has been outspoken about the lack of cybersecurity used by the United States Government saying it is “obsolete” and they are being “toyed with” by adversaries from China, Russia and elsewhere.

While it may be true the US Government could be more advanced in its cybersecurity, you would think he would have hired the best experts possible to protect his business interests. ┬áBut given how divisive his politics are, it is not particularly surprising his private business is under attack, he’s upset so many he no doubt has a giant target on his back.

While Trump may currently be the lightning rod in this case, the hospitality industry in general has been hit extensively by breaches in the past few years.  Major chains just as Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood have been hit by card thieves as well, often hitting retailers in the hotels and restaurants.

With Vancouver Trump Towers opening, one might consider paying cash!