Your Internet is Wiretapped

Buy VPNYes, your Internet is Wiretapped!

Your Internet traffic to and from your computer and mobile devices is being analysed, processed and stolen.

This information can be used to steal your passwords, conduct identity fraud, compromise your banking and e-mail accounts and really ruin your day!

Hotels, Internet Cafes, and Public wireless spots are about the most dangerous places you use the Internet.

But there is an easy solution

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts the data between your computer or device and the site you intended on visiting.  That means the information is secure and safe as it travels over the Internet and isn’t susceptible to snooping or wiretapping.

In addition to the criminal element that tries to snoop your data, many global government spy agencies are always monitoring.  Using a VPN helps to anonymize your connection and keep even “legal” (government spying) data monitoring systems at bay.

For general, residential or travelling use, we strongly recommend a service such as PIA (Private Internet Access), out of all the services we’ve reviewed we found their servers always performed the best in terms of speed and were extremely user friendly.

Protect your identity from fraud and snooping today.

Note:  This article is in regards to personal internet use, business VPN solutions are similar in nature, but directly tied to your corporate network.