Data Backup and Recovery for Accountants and CPA

KDTS has been managing our data backups for 6 years now and we have never lost a file or not been able to restore our data.  It gives us a lot of comfort knowing they are always monitoring and managing our systems for us.


You have a lot of staff and they are juggling a lot of files.  Accidents happen, files get deleted or moved, errors in TaxPrep on Roll Forwards, we get it!

But how do you know your data is safe?  Would you know 100% you were covered in the event of Fire, Flood or Theft?

What our backups can do to help your business thrive and keep your client data safe.

  • o We backup all your data TWICE:  Once on-site and once in our Data Centres.
  • o We keep all your data encrypted with modern Encryption Standards.
  • o Your data ALWAYS stays in Canadian Data Centres for Compliance.
  • o We backup your server as often as every 10 minutes, with no lag or performance hit.
  • o You can backup your data for between 1 and 10 years!
  • o We monitor your backups every single day and will automatically investigate any issues or failures!

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Our CPA firm has 35 staff and in the course of our business it wouldn’t be uncommon for a few mistakes or errors per week that required a file to be restored or recovered to a previous version.  Our backup system is set to backup every 2 hours, and we can always roll back like magic!


Always Audited, Always Monitored

We constantly audit your backups to identify issues and get automatic notifications if anything goes wrong. Our system allows us to always keep you protected.

Frequent Backups

Scheduled Successful BackupMany backup systems run overnight and give you a single point of recovery for each business day.  Our backup system can backup as often as every 10 minutes, however typically we do every 1-2 hours during business hours, and every 4 hours during closed hours (Except during Tax Season of course!).

The KDTS backup system managed to save our firm from a Ransomware attack.  Our whole file server was destroyed and locked out, but they were able to clean off the whole server and restore the whole thing, it was almost a business ending event, we owe them our deepest thanks!


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