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Email: Your biggest threat?

Out of all technologies associated with the Internet revolution, e-mail service has done more to further communication than any other internet technology.  Unfortunately, in the past few years, it has also become one of the most dangerous or deceptive to work with.

What is the point?

I often get asked by people, why would people bother trying to access my email or computer? I’m just a home user, what good are my personal photos and random documents?

At first thought, it seems like a very legitimate question. However, when we dig deeper into scarier side of the Internet we realize that our computer can be used not only to provide criminals with your personal information, but your computer can become part of the fraud and spam networks, literally under the control of the bad guys.

There is a famous journalist named Brian Krebs, who runs Krebs on Security, a website dedicated to providing information on data breaches, online criminals, spam and so much more.  One article that has always resonated with me is, “The Scrap value of a hacked PC“, I highly recommend reading it.  It may give you a deeper understanding of why spam, phishing, fraudulent e-mails exist.  He also wrote a fascinating book on Spam, called Spam Nation which shows you the personal side of spam generation, some players in the industry and the motivations behind them.

Spam, Phishing and Fraud

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