Internet Outages Got You Down?

ToughNET DattoRecently we had the great pleasure of showcasing our ToughNET Demo box to a great group of business owners at the Risky Business seminars in Cloverdale.

I love showing off amazing products and services, but today was special, our ToughNET Demo box was not plugged into power, nor was it plugged into an Internet sources.  But for the duration of the morning meeting, it provided wifi Internet for the seminar for over 3 hours!

The reason we built this was to showcase the amazing technology that is available to small business owners and how they can not only increase the security of their computer network but also keep operational when Internet outages occur.

Last year in Langley there was a significant Internet outage for over 3 days that took a small Strip Mall offline for both Telus and Shaw, it was caused by a motor vehicle accident that took out a pole just down the street.

Businesses in this strip mall were frustrated and upset because it was hard or impossible to process debit and credit card transactions because the Internet and Phones were broken!  But one client in that complex didn’t even know about the outage right away, because they had installed one of our Fail-over Routers which automatically switched their Internet to a LTE (Cellular Mobile Data) backup.  In under 30 seconds, their business continued to operate normally, with no negative effects at all.

Many small companies and retail stores find us because of the simple yet effective solutions we put in place to protect their operations.  Imagine if your business had no Internet for 3 days, or even 1 day.  How much would you lose in lost revenue?  How much would you lose in lost productivity?

We would love to discuss our products and services with you, please reach out to us today!

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