Internet Outages

Our retail store used to have regular internet outages which hurt our high volume sales, but now we never have outages!

We work with a large number of retail outlets and specialize in providing stable and consistent Internet and Wifi.

The last thing you want is to have 15 people in your store and you can’t process transactions because of an Internet Outage.  We specialize in building highly reliable networks with automatic fail-overs to keep your business running and making money.

Our networking equipment comes with a LIFE-TIME hardware warranty and our expert technicians manage your Security, Patching, and Failover.  We always stock backup equipment and if your equipment does have an issue we will be there to resolve it FAST.

  • Routers with built-in LTE Failover
  • Wireless Network Coverage (Helps to retain clients in your business longer)
  • Secure Network Equipment
  • Managed Power Systems
  • Build-in Network Security Tools and VPN System
  • Link multiple locations quickly and easily
  • LIFE-TIME Hardware Warranty!

Get in touch with our Network Experts today and make Outages a thing of the past!

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