The Christmas Rush

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“Last year during the lead up to Christmas, we had 3 short Internet outages at our restaurant that caused terrible havoc. Since installing KDTS Equipment we’ve had no problems and no stress. Thank you!”

WHAT WOULD YOU DO… If you have your restaurant was at capacity and your Internet and Payment Terminals were offline? Sure you can have them run via dial-up, but the speed and delay that will cause will frustrate your valued customers and make your staff want to pull out their hair!

Do you need to always be online, to process transactions, e-mails, and ensure your clients are happy?

Stop losing sales or upsetting customers due to technical issues!

  • o Your Internet stays UP, even if your Internet Provider is DOWN!
  • o We always stock spare gear for quick replacement if needed.
  • o You will be protected with a LIFETIME hardware warranty.
  • o Fixed Lease cost that INCLUDES labour in the event your equipment needs to be repaired!
  • o Your hardware will always have the latest security updates.
  • o You will be more secure and protected from “phishing” and fraud attacks.
  • o You can limit/block access certain types of activity (Social Media, Pornography, Malicious Sites etc)
  • o You can remotely access your network with a built-in VPN Server.

Call now before something disrupts your restaurant!

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Skip the Dishes

“My Restaurant does a lot of business through “Skip the dishes” and if our orders don’t come in it REALLY hurts the bottom line. With our new Network, we’ve entirely stopped outages and we don’t miss orders again due to internet issues!”


Always Audited and Monitored

Constant Uptime AuditingWe constantly audit your network to identify issues and get automatic notifications if things go down. Our system allows us to keep on top of your gear to avoid costly Internet outages!


Keep Secure with Content Filtering

Content Filtering and BlockingIncrease Security and Productivity by blocking certain types of activities on your network! Block over 40 different types of categories, to stop illegal activity, stop time-wasting, and to help keep you and your guests safer from Malicious Websites and Emails.


“Ken and his team at KDTS saved my Restaurant. We had an internet outage that lasted 6 days and the whole strip mall was without Internet, EXCEPT me! It would have been devastating to our bottom line if we didn’t have this service in place. Thank you so much!”


Secure Remote Access

We know you work hard and keeping that Work/Home Life balance is not always easy, so we understand the need to be able to work from home, or from a beach in Mexico.  Our Routers provide a secure VPN Server to allow you to remote into the office from anywhere in the world, securely and safely.  It’s easy to use and will help you to manage that work-life balance we all struggle with.


Exceptional Wireless Networks

If you run a restaurant, your guests WANT Wireless Internet.  Our equipment makes it simple to deploy high-quality Wireless Coverage, but most importantly it is secure and limits all guest access to anything on your private network.  This means your information is and secure!  In conjunction with the Content Filtering system, it is a rock-solid solution to help keep you and your clients safe from harm.

The Low Down

Fixed Price. Lifetime Warranty. No Labour Costs!

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