Retail Hell – Internet Outages and POS

“Our Internet was having a lot of outages, especially in the Fall and Winter and everytime the Internet went down we wouldn’t be able to process Credit Card and Debit transactions fast enough.  KDTS Provided excellent advise which has saved us thousands in lost revenue!”

You’ve done an amazing job at having a busy thriving business, you’ve got customers everywhere, but what do you do when they don’t carry cash and your ability to process credit cards and debit has stopped working or has gone to dial-up mode?

As a business owner, every minute that you can’t churn clients through is costing you money.  Even if your Point-of-Sale (POS) kicks over to dial-up mode, its frustrating how slow it works and your line-ups get longer and longer with frustrated customers.

We specialize in providing computer equipment that has automatic failover built-in, so when your Telus or Shaw Internet has an outage, we automatically kick over to Cellular (LTE) backup systems in about 30 seconds.  Some Internet providers have started to offer LTE back-up to their own services, but I have to ask, why would I buy a fail-over product from the company whose service is the one that failed?  It just doesn’t make sense!

KDTS will make sure that your network is solid and working, so you can focus on running your business and not losing money from Internet and Network Outages.


Why call KDTS?

  1. Stop lost revenue from outages
  2. Keep your customers happy
  3. Keep your staff from pulling out their hair in frustration
  4. Save MONEY, Our Datto hardware has a LIFE-TIME Hardware warranty!
  5. More Security, We INCLUDE on-going patch management and security updates on our Hardware!
  6. Even MORE Security, Our equipment has built-in Content Filtering to combat Phishing, Fraud, and Malicious Websites!
  7. Remote Access, Our Hardware is designed to EASILY allow remote access, so you can check in from Home or on the Beach in Mexico!

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